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European Connection


The premier home of quality amateur and professional horses .

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Owner and head trainer Albert Gesierich moved to The US from Austria in the late 1980s. Mr. Gesierich is a truly classically trained rider. He was educated and rode in the Spanish Riding School of Vienna and he also is a European FN certified Dressage Trainer. 


For his first decade in the USA he was head trainer of the Royal Lipizzaners. During this time this troupe performed not only throughout the US but overseas as well. 

After leaving his position Mr. Gesierich started his own training facility in Michigan. Realizing that modern competition horses needed a somewhat different training approach than the classical Lippizaner he developed his own method of combining his knowledge of the true classical approach together with the needs of the modern-day competition horse and rider. Using this method he trained many horses and riders from Training-level  Dressage to Grand Prix.

His focus is on combining the true classical methods of dressage training with today's needs for the modern competition ring.

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