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Albert Gesierich

Albert is a  FENA certified and licensed Riding instructor. He is proficient in both training and instructing of both horse and rider in Dressage as well as the classical art of working horses in hand, including airs above the ground.

Formal Education:
. Student at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna.
. At age 18 became the youngest licensed Bereiter in Austria
. Completed European degrees as a Bereiter and Reitlehrer
. Worked with world-renowned trainers such as George Wahl, Ines       von Badewitz, Ernst Bachinger, Bent Jensen, Jochen Hippenstiel          and  Arthur Kottas.

.  Former head trainer of the world famous United States Royal       Lipizzaner Stallions
.  Worked at the largest sales barn in Southern Germany at that       time responsible for training prepping and selling sport                 horses of  all levels
.  holding State and Regional Titels in Dressage
.  Trained several students for their Bereiter license testing
.  training several students and horses to Grand Prix level
.  has given numerous clinics throughout the United States,                     including Hawaii as well as internationally in the Netherlands
.  worked  with Jochen Hippenstiel at Temple Farms on a regular          basis                       
 resident trainer at Hunt Meadows in Howell Michigan for over 6     years
.  owner and trainer of European Connection located in Fenton         Michigan a dressage facility with the capacity to hold twenty         horses
.  trained horses and riders at Holland Dressage located in                     Holland Michigan. A training and sales barn with quality                 Dressage horses imported from Europe.
. currently connected with AP Dressage located in San Diego California. Responsibility
training horses for work in hand as well as working the sales side of the business.


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